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Welcome to Tip n Tail Ragdolls.

We are a small "boutique" cattery situated in Wangaratta which is in North East Victoria. Tip n Tail are the only breeders of Ragdolls and pedigree cats in our small city. We love to take our cats to local shows and markets to show them off.

Our family consists of myself (Debra) and my husband Peter and our three daughters: Paige who is 12 years old, Freya who is 10 and Madison 8 years old and of course our Ragdolls.

Also part of our family is Whiskers our moggy cat we have had for 8 years. Whiskers is a very devoted little cat who sits at out gate and waits patiently for us to return home when we go out. Even if we go on holidays for 3 weeks!

All of our cats live in the house with us and sleep on our beds. Oscar, our stud cats is sometimes confined to his caboodle which is in the enclosed courtyard (cattery) in the centre of our house. He looks at us through the glass and we can see him at all times and the other cats and kittens wander in and out of the cattery as they please.

Please enjoy your visit to our web site and if you would like to know anything about Ragdoll Cats or would like to know when we have kittens available just email us.










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